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Isabel Lucas flaxen locks and alabaster skin come courtesy of her Swiss ancestry [ her mother was born in Switzerland ] though her slight shyness is all her own. Since winning a logie award this year for Best New Female Talent and timidly accepting her first accolade before peers and fans, the 19 year old actress who currently stars on Channel 7's Home & Away as Tasha Andrews is finding herself thrust in the spotlight more than ever. 
However as these Cream fashion shots prove she's more va - va - voom than schoolgirl coy, shedding her character's pleated uniform and looking completely comfortable in classic couture.
Involved in drama throughout school [ through the Victorian College of Arts and Queensland University of Technology ] it wasn't until Isabel was discovered by a talent agent whilst holidaying in Cairns that she auditioned for roles. She was introduced to Home & Away viewers in a somewhat similar scenario : spotted on the beach and mistaken for a mermaid. So much has she endeared herself to fans, a web presence with adoring sites that are dedicated to the girl.
And just like Tash, she's now dabbling in modelling [ in fact, Cream magazine co-starred in several episodes of Home & Away , giving Tash her inspiration to strike a pose ].
" I remember viewing Cream as Tasha and thinking what beautiful photographs you guys publish. It's now great to have the chance to work with you for real ". In real life Isabel is dabbling in a little crossover careering too, appearing in Cleo and becoming a girlie mag fixture. " One of the first covers I shot was for Total Girl. I was wearing a tiara and it was all very pink. When I was little, I'd dress up as a fairy with a halo. It's kind of ironic that I'm now shooting these kind of photos for magazines ".
However she's not interested in modelling as a full - time gig. " I love acting , singing ,  art and entertainment in general ", she says, keeping hush on several film roles and a possible pop single in the pipeline. " I love travelling and learning about the craft of acting and other fields of entertainment. And something else I'm persuing is a closer affiliation with World Vision ", says the sweetie who dedicated her logie to the children she sponsors in Uganda and Kenya.
Isabel's somewhat gypsy upbringing has seen her live in Melbourne , Switzerland , North Queensland , Kakadu , Cairns and now Sydney. " I feel blessed to be able to speak Swiss and I go to the Yarra Valley near Melbourne every Christmas ". Would she do a Kylie and Natalie and move to the UK or USA should the gig's get bigger ? " Yes if the conditions were right ".
In the meantime the horse riding aficionado [ she has competed in dressage and show jumping ] and Norah Jones and Nicole Kidman fan is more than happy with her lot.